Helen is a visionary artist, healer and midwife for your creative soul. Through group retreats and individual sessions, she facilitates with the intention that others may remember their unity with creative life force for healing and expanded consciousness. With over 40 years of experience as painter and print maker, teacher and facilitator she has a unique and deep understanding of the creative process.

“My creative process is a sacred practice and a sanctuary for self-nourishment, healing, and regeneration. During the past twenty five years of journeying beneath clinical depression and PTSD (the legacy of trauma experienced by my son, my daughter and myself at the hands of their father) and recently through breast cancer I have developed an awareness of the powerful way in which image-making can be not only an outward reflection giving form to an inner journey as well as a context in which to discover and create a path to healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Each image is part of a personal cosmology which is evolving to cradle my experience in visible form. Through the images I am able to fully be witness to and embrace all that is within me, to allow the creative life force to breath and express through me.

Over the years this process has guided me to realize that my personal process is aligned more and more deeply with the planetary. I am led deeper and deeper into my soul, to the wisdom it holds of our ancient ancestors and of consciousness of the unity which they felt with the earth all that is. I realize the sacred dimensions this offers in my process; this journey to depths of myself is an “extraction” of and reconnection with the wisdom I hold for the planet. With the continuing escalation of violence and chaos in the world I become aware of the relevance which the evolution of creative consciousness and of unified consciousness have in the return of the much needed feminine values of wisdom, compassion and creativity and to the ultimate survival of the planet.”

In her formal education Helen developed a life-long interest in the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of creativity. Her studies with Seneca Elder Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, with several indigenous and shamanic teachers and training with medical intuitive Carolyn Myss that inspired and foundationed her continually evolving understanding of the energetic/soul dimensions of being. Through mentor ship with Deborah Koff-Chapin in the profound and magical process of Touch Drawing, Helen remembered and began to trust in her soul’s eternal wisdom, presence, and readiness to be guide and co-creator.

It is from this rich grounding and the depth of her own creative process that she supports others in Visual Expression as Sacred Practice for personal and planetary healing with such sensitivity and compassion. She presently teaches and works at her studio in central Maine, at many other locations throughout the Northeast and beyond, and is available to bring her workshops to your area.