In the studio

In the Studio with Helen Warren, MFA, MSed

grief_aThe 18 foot high piece featured here at right entitled “Women With Wings: the Grief Series” was begun in March of 2006 several months after my son was seriously injured in an accident that left him a paraplegic and immediately following the diagnosis of my breast cancer with the resulting ripple effect through those whom I love dearly.

The painting began with the image #2 which rotates with the Touch Drawing images from which it evolved. Deep in my grief I began drawing one morning to be with the energy of the grief and found myself pounding on the board. The marks created in the Touch Drawing suggested to me the keening women and their wings appeared soon afterward…ie the title of the piece. Following Image #2 came image #1, as response to my need to ground the tremendous energy of the grief. The Ancient Mother appears beneath the roots of the tree that was my grief. Image #3 followed as thegrief_bwomen consumed in grief in Image #2 begin to trust the light coming into the darkness and turn towards it, mirroring my own recognition of the oneness of my own process of grieving with the grief of women and mothers of the world. Image #4 is based in a touch drawing where the birds… grouse, owl and raven seem to invite me to follow them upward. In image #5 women and winged beings become one with and travel on to the light and transformation. These ascending images bear witness to my gradual opening to trust in the vaster planetary evolution of which my healing process and those of so many brave women becomes part of a global communion and peace.

The completion and public exhibition of this piece (along with a number of other images from my journey) It is with this intention that my grief is transformed as I offer these images as portals through which others may be inspired to delve into the rich depths of themselves to bring forth their unique wisdom, compassion, and expanded consciousness with which to gift our precious journey) contributed to a profound sense of grief_ccompletion and release, transition to a new frontier in my image-making, and a clarification in my vision for the facilitation of creative process for healing both in personal and planetary dimensions. My process has allowed several thousand years of conditioning from the silencing of the feminine values of compassion, creativity, and honoring of earth wisdom to rise from the depths of my soul. This has in turn ignited in me a deep passion: that my images and the journey which they document may contribute to the regeneration of what has been lost.