Touch Drawing

Where Shamanism and Visual Expression Merge

Touch Drawing™ is a playful yet profound process through which images flow forth from our deepest selves. Placing tissue paper on a board upon which paint has been rolled, we
begin to draw using hands and fingers as our only tools. As we draw, images well up from within, forming effortlessly, taking us ever deeper into our soul and by-passing the mind’s usual conditioning. One drawing leads to the next, each one taking us a little deeper as our soul seems to pour through our fingers onto the page.

Whatever your level of experience with visual expression, Touch Drawing* as a sacred practice holds the potential for learning to trust one’s intuition, subtle awareness and body
wisdom. The resulting images are unique and poignant reflections from our authentic self/our soul and, perhaps, helpers and guides from the seen and unseen world. We remember and renew our oneness with the creative source and open to the possibility of accessing the visionary and regenerative power of ancient cave rituals from times when the artist and the shaman were one.

This is a profound yet playful process through which our hands are “no longer instruments of the mind, but organic extensions of the soul“, to quote Debra Koff-Chapin the originator of the process and founder of The Center for Touch Drawing. The possibilities for creating with and from this basic process are as many as there are souls drawn to express themselves in through this immediate, simple yet profound process.

Rolling paint onto a board and placing tissue over it, we draw using only our fingers and hands as tools. Afterward we contemplate the images our soul has guided us to bring forth, an expression of the visions which are uniquely ours to offer the planet, surrendering to the Creative Life Force.


The process may take us to additional media and formats to further satisfy that which we sense wants to be expressed. We move into the landscape of our body, our emotions, our soul, as well as the earth Mother providing the opportunity for a deep listening and evolution of imagery that is truly authentic.

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