Raven Magic

  Touch drawing "Raven Magic"  showing raven with spread wings in front of face in profile

Raven Magic by Helen Warren

Ravens just happen to be one of my favorite creatures. In fact they show up frequently not only around me in my environment but in my drawings…. especially my Touch Drawings* of which this image is one. The sound of their croaking call often accompanies me on my daily walks or as I work in my studio (which just happens to be on the second floor of our farmhouse) as they fly overhead.

Ravens are members of the corvid family and according to scientists and naturalists have a well-developed brain which allows them to interact with their environment, each other and humans in surprising sophisticated ways including the ability to learn language and speak. On the spiritual and mystical plains their reputation in many cultures is that of the magician who mixes wisdom with playfulness and represents the darkness from which it brings forth the light.

When raven appears in my life especially in drawings like this one, I feel a nudge to experience the power of the creative life force moving through and around me, sense strongly the magic of bringing the unseen into being and feel whatever darkness exists in that moment being flooded with light. Raven has taught me to trust in the capacity that I have to shape shift whatever darkness is present in my life, to trust and engage more fully with the creative life force and allow it to express through me. When I hear raven’s gravelly chuckle and witness the iridescent blues and purples in raven’s blackness (notice the touches of turquoise and violet in the drawing!) I am brought deeper into my center.

The process of Touch Drawing in which I engage to bring forth an image like “Raven Magic” is a profound yet playful process in which I literally listen deeply to and draw from the promptings my soul. With my eyes closed so as to focus deeply, I allow images to flow through my fingers onto the paper (which has been placed over an inked board). Always that which is revealed is that which is asking to be acknowledged by me in that moment. So in this image I experience a wise and playful raven swooping by to remind me to become part of the magic! As a shamanic practitioner as well as professional artist I have embraced Touch Drawing as the modality through which I bring healing energy onto the planet for the benefit of the Earth Mother and all beings.

More of raven in the next “edition”. Meanwhile, may raven’s magic reach into your soul through this drawing!

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