Descent Series II

Plumbing the creative depths in search of oneness

As I was beginning this painting to give form to the experience of Inanna appearing to me that morning and the sequence of synchronistic events, I could feel Her presence. This was the first time had had a conscious awareness of Her guiding presence, which would be with me from that time forth. I had begun the image of the pink draped figure when I was aware of Her and a knowing came to me that I needed to include the dark-skinned figure, these representing the light and dark aspects of myself and the goddess.

A month later I sat at the well of Inanna in Turkey (under my left hand) and remembered my time as a priestess in Her temple and my ultimate sacrifice. I could feel Her holding me as sobs shook me to the core and She whispered, “In the past you sacrificed your life and power for me. This time you do not have to sacrifice anything. You are here to remember how to hold that creative power and be a healing presence on the planet”



” As the flowers of spring began to blossom, I opened to a voice calling within me. I came to know Her as the Ancient Mother (often known as the Black Madonna) as she manifested in my paintings and my dreams. She announced herself through stabbing pains in my right hip area, which a healer identified as caused by three giant porcupine quills (there is a genus in Africa of these animals) which she extracted from my hip. I knew then and there the Dark Goddess meant business! As I let go to Her, I began to realize that she was the embodiment of that rich, dark creative core within me that I had so long feared and denied. She was inviting me to co-create, to dance with Her. The loon flying overhead calls me to the depths of myself and my knowing of this oneness with the Creative Source. “







” Walking along the shore one day, my constant companion my golden retriever disappeared. Following her to the the last spot I had seen her, I found her in a little cave carved out of the shore-line under a pine tree’s roots. As I joined her and sat in the mouth of this little hideaway, I felt the Ancient Mother¹s presence embracing me. Returning to the studio and beginning to paint she emerged on the canvas. I could feel Her creative essence inviting me to co-create with Her. The image was the first in which I felt fully this partnership. “









” In this third painting of the series, I am beckoned from within to descend again—this time to my creative core. As I begin to paint, the Ancient Mother or Dark Madonna appeared along with seven of Her aspects: Inanna, Isis, Kali, Tara, Kuan Yin, Pasowee (Buffalo Woman) and Persephone. Again the grouse guides me downward and inward to the rich darkness. “










” This painting was begun in the winter of 2000 after I had finished ALIGNMENT, but was never able to complete it until the spring of 2003 after I had begun to touch the deepest darkest riches within. (I had waited until the energy was there.) After feeling the alignment with the Ancient Mother ….I am rising from the well to dance with all that is present, from the initial transformation of the fear that had held me captive and isolated from Her presence within me. I rise gradually, engaging with more and more passionately until I am finally consumed in the flames .passion born.
The painting still remains unfinished which ,I sense, it will remain until I can let go to the wild, passionate, creative energy that I know at my core…… completely! “







” At the moment, I reached the depths of the darkness within, I knew only surrender to the Ancient Mother’s Presence. I knew my oneness with Her. Suddenly a blinding light shot through me becoming a steady flow. At that moment I knew my oneness with Her, and with the sacred spiral of the Creative Energy. As I continued painting I saw myself again at the well in the Temple of Inanna (I hold it in my lap and the temple is behind me). Now I heard these words, “In the past you sacrificed yourself and your creative power; this time you have reclaimed it for the benefit of all beings.”









” As I descend I am consumed by the searing heat and flames of my own creative fire and passion. Seven of the aspects of the Dark Madonna/ the Ancient Mother surround me reminding me that their own descents were reclaimations of their creative power: Inanna, Isis, Kali, Tara, Kuan Yin, Pasowee (Buffalo Woman), and Persephone. “












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