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” This image came to me through the process of Touch Drawing. The creative energy flows from the cosmos into the hands of the receptive female. Yet it’s full manifestation cannot be realized without the supportive container of the masculine. The grouse, with her medicine of the spiral dance–the rhythmic interchange between inward movement to the core and outward movement to the cosmos and back– hovers protectively. ”









” She was known and worshipped from the dawn of human life by matrifocal cultures of Africa as the personification of the Creative Life Force. Throughout history (before patriarchal systems destroyed her temples) she was known as the Dark Mother: Isis, Inanna, Kali, Kuan Yin, Tara, etc. She is the creative essence within us, in Mother Earth and in all beings–the trees, rocks, mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, sea creatures, the sea , the wind. She returns to us now through our knowing.”







” An amarylis, blossoming in late February, became the inspiration for this image. I felt myself breathing in more deeply the sun’s warmth returning with the lengthening daylight. Yet, I am feeling such gratitude to Mother Earth who nourished both me and the flower in the darkness of winter. ”









” In the fall of 2002 I was given in a dream this image of the Ancient Mother embracing the Earth. The bird is not a dove but the grouse again, whose medicine of the sacred spiral, the dance that takes one on the path deeply inward then spirals out to the universe is actually performed by this bird. My sense as I painted was of how connected we all are through this creative energy that flows withing our beings and within every particle of the universe and how necessary it is that we begin to recognize and honor our connectedness. ”






” On a beach in South Carolina, I came upon a young loon who had been beached by the heavy surf and winds of a storm the day before. Although a powerful swimmer, the loon is almost helpless on land, their legs– positioned far back on their bodies to enhance swimming — cannot support them on land. So this poor bird was tediously pushing itself up the beach, away from rather than toward the water. I sat with her and followed her for several hours (after a kind woman who lived nearby went to call the local wild-life refuge organization). During this time I felt that my presence re-assured the loon while it struggled forth, as it began to talk to me in little noises (which I had heard them do amongst each other in the wild). As this connection deepened between us I suddenly had a moment of feeling complete oneness with this creature and with all beings. Nearby a huge cedar tree, bearing the balanced energy of male and female, gave support to my insights. (The loon was safely and gently removed to shelter where it was cared for until it was strong enough to be set free.) ”




” While she sleeps beneath the snow, her energy (the yellow rays spreading out from her hands) is felt through her heart-beat by those who follow her wisdom and go within themselves. The grouse hovers overhead in her spiral dance that takes her and us deep within,then spiralling out to the cosmos and returning–the dance of creation! ”






” While visiting Campobello IS, NB in the spring and summer of 2003 I did a series of Touch Drawings on location which revealed the Ancient Mother, the ancient ancestors and the creatures that inhabited that mystical energy vortex. I also was gifted with hearing the legend of the women of the dawn, an Abenaki Native American legend which tells of the women of the dawn, named so because they built a fire on one of the beaches on the island and as it burned down to coals, took those coals and threw them into the air. From this was born the sunrise. I shivered from a deep cellular level with the knowing that came with this tale. When I returned home this image evolved as I was guided by the energy of those ancient women. ”
















” The loon, most ancient of all bird species whose call stirs in us our cellular level knowing, inspired this painting. In a dream I’s cry heralded the union of the mother and child, taking me back to my own entry into this life. Bathed in her love I am carried by the loon into the rich deep waters of the ocean of remembering. ”







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